[Ilugc] Dec Month ILUGC Meet

Raman.P raamanp at yahoo.co.in
Sun Dec 14 21:51:00 IST 2008

--- On Sun, 14/12/08, Ashok Gautham <thescriptdevil at gmail.com> wrote:
> upcoming GATE in Feb
> This seems to be an indirect and rather "hacky"
> solution to the
> problem. If there is no problem in shifting the day, I
> wonder why it
> should not be.

I don't want to miss being with children on Sunday.

If student community feels so strong about ILUGC meet, let us restart
vidyashram sessions and have them on Sundays.

But from our past experience, I am not very hopeful about student
support for more than a week or two.


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