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Sun Dec 14 22:41:27 IST 2008

Raman.P wrote:
> --- On Sun, 14/12/08, Ashok Gautham <thescriptdevil at gmail.com> wrote:
>> upcoming GATE in Feb
>> This seems to be an indirect and rather "hacky"
>> solution to the
>> problem. If there is no problem in shifting the day, I
>> wonder why it
>> should not be.
> I don't want to miss being with children on Sunday.
> If student community feels so strong about ILUGC meet, let us restart
> vidyashram sessions and have them on Sundays.
> But from our past experience, I am not very hopeful about student
> support for more than a week or two.
+1. IIRC, the same questions were raised time and again in the past, 
even once by me when I was in the college. Well, considering a majority 
of usual attendees of LUG meets are people who are working, they would 
like to spend their Sundays with their family and for attending a LUG 
meet they have to spend their entire Sunday afternoon + evening out. 
Hence LUG meets are conducted on Saturday afternoon, hoping that people 
would at least be able to get a half-saturday once in a month.

For students communities there are few alternative solutions to this,
[1] Convince your college and get the Saturdays when LUG meets are there 
as half working days.
[2] Convince your college and organize LUG meets in your college, 
provided all similar facilities and freedom available in our current 
venue is made available.
[3] Start your own LUG in your college and have LUG meets on Sunday. May 
be few from ilugc can also participate in your meets.

IMHO, IITM has been the most favorable and least problematic venue that 
has been working for us for a long time and nothing matches the campus, 
making every visit an experience and few hours of freedom from the 
hustle and bustle outside :)

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