[Ilugc] Resolution problem with Arch Linux and Xfce

Bhargav Prasanna bhargavprasanna at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 08:35:16 IST 2008

I installed Arch Linux on my system couple of days back.
I downloaded and installed xorg
Then i installed Fluxbox first as i wanted a really lightweight
Desktop Environment..

The command startfluxbox was of no use.. the screen would flicker and
then the mouse would stay at the centre of a black screen and wouldn't
even editing .xinitrc didnt help..
my .xinitrc file looked like this

                 exec startfluxbox

After a lot of speculation, i went for Xfce.. As i had used it before
(in Xubuntu), i thought i'd feel comfortable..
Dint work.. so i edited the second line of the .xinitrc file.. then
gave 'startxfce4' at the prompt..
It worked!!

But the resolution was darn low.. 640x480 i guess..
I've edited the "Screen" section in my xorg.conf numerous times after
that.. deleted all Mode entries except "1024x768" (the resolution i
want) but ecerytime i login, i get only a 640x480 screen.. Xfce
overrides the xorg.conf file specs..

The CLI where i give the startxfce4 command (which happens to be vc/1
or vc/2 et. al.) has a good resolution though!
I tried deleting (at the insistance of a guy from IRC channel
#archlinux), ~/.config/xfce4/mcs_settings/display.xml
Didn't work either..
The worst part is, if i set DefaultDepth as 24 in my xorg.conf, the
system says that the monitor doesn't support 24 bit colors..
I have been running all other OSs in my PC with the monitor set to 24bits only!!

Any help will be really appreciated.. Thanks..
Sin Cera,
Bhargav Prasanna

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