[Ilugc] Re: ILUC Meet on Saturday

Sudharshan S sudharsh at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 17:07:30 IST 2008

On Monday 15 December 2008 16:21:15 Bhargav Prasanna babbled:
> > I have come to your college, approached you Prici for a FOSS event, a
> > year back, (gave them even two Ubuntu CDs), and that was a memorable
> > visit, in the sense that the ears were shut for FOSS.
> ha ha.. be glad that she didn't insult you. No offence meant. But
> consider yourself lucky.. :P

Just a piece of brotherly advice from a fellow 'stuck-in-yet-another-private-
engineering-college' student. This list is archived and ensure that your 
friends/foes (and myself) don't black mail you threatening to show this email 
to whoever *she* refers to and stay out of trouble. 

As for LUG meets, ask your parents to send a note to the college exempting you 
from classes on second saturdays. If it doesn't get approved by the HOD. Go to 
the Principal. If still not approved bunk the classes, give proxies, get an On 
Duty. Extremely stupid and ridiculous excuses, especially works wonders :D. 
(From Dilbert of course ;) ) 

Sudharshan S
Blog : http://www.sudharsh.wordpress.com
IRC   : Sup3rkiddo @ Freenode, Gimpnet

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