[Ilugc] Dec Month ILUGC Meet

Parthan SR parth.technofreak at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 22:33:44 IST 2008

Ashok Gautham wrote:
> We still won't have people like Kapil ji, Raman and Bharathi. 
Why not? Did they tell you they won't come? As well as, am sure a lot of 
others would come, even if not these 3.
> We will just
> be a bunch of enthusiastic students who keep coming in in cycles.
Well, that is what an User Group requires and is all about - 
"""Enthusiasts""". That's what we are all.
>  We
> will keep reinventing the wheel. 
There is no wheel we invented. We just keep rolling the wheel we know 
and have been rolling for years. We very much welcome others to roll 
similar wheels to nook and corner that we can't or aren't able to reach.
> Also ILUGC is well established. So you
> will get better speakers. 
So you expect "some" people from ilugc to keep speaking all the time. 
Why dont you try speaking at some point in your life or someone from 
your "bunch of enthusiast who keep coming on cycles" speak? Do you think 
it is not possible for them to give better talks? Break the ice at some 
point of your life, dude.
> I remember a Portuguese speaker came once to
> deliver a talk on err... some Skype equivalent if I am not wrong. At every
> announcement of speeches, I curse my misfortune for not being able to
> be there.
Well then request someone in this mailing list who attended that talk to 
deliver it again for you guys. Am pretty sure somebody will come forward 
to do it.

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