[Ilugc] Dec Month ILUGC Meet

Raman.P raamanp at yahoo.co.in
Tue Dec 16 06:19:07 IST 2008

--- On Mon, 15/12/08, Ashok Gautham <thescriptdevil at gmail.com> wrote:

> We still won't have people like Kapil ji, Raman and
> Bharathi. We will just
> be a bunch of enthusiastic students who keep coming in in
> cycles. We
> will keep reinventing the wheel. Also ILUGC is well
> established. So you
> will get better speakers. I remember a Portuguese speaker
> came once to
> deliver a talk on err... some Skype equivalent if I am not
> wrong. At every
> announcement of speeches, I curse my misfortune for not
> being able to
> be there.

It is not that none of us move out of house on Sundays. We do and many times for FOSS activity. I am only against shifting regular monthly meet - which at any cost I attend.

However, you can go ahead and organise sessions in your college, many of luggies will attend or talk. 

Please go ahead and try to organise some activity in your college however small it may be. Look at what is happening in MIT. There are regular scheduled classes on Linux every semester - of,by and for students. They have it every Tuesday Evening.


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