[Ilugc] [OT] [COMMERCIAL] Get listed for FREE in India's first Yellow Pages for FOSS & Linux firms

Atanu Datta lfyedit2 at efyindia.com
Tue Dec 16 14:52:41 IST 2008

Hey all!

Posting some information that's being sent out LFY's advt/sales department. 
You may find it handy....



Here's an opportunity for FOSS consultants and firms to get FREE publicity 
through LINUX For You!
Our interaction with IT managers has revealed that one of the biggest 
obstacles faced by them while reviewing FOSS solutions is lack of information 
about potential solution providers. It seems that if they had multiple 
options, they would feel more comfortable in discussing their challenges with 
different solution providers, and thus having the confidence that they were 
taking an informed decision.
To bridge this gap, LINUX For You has been working on creating a Yellow Pages 
section within the magazine itself, where anyone seeking a Linux/FOSS solution 
provider can find them through a category-wise listing. In the last 2-3 
months, we have managed to collate a list of over 50 solution providers. But, 
we believe that there are many more out there, and the real value of FOSS 
Yellow Pages (FYP) will only emerge once decision makers have ample choice to 
work with.
THUS, THE SPECIAL OFFER: Any firm**, be it a one-man consultancy or an MNC, 
can get listed for FREE under any ONE category of their choice. This offer is 
open till 31st December 2008 or till we reach our goal of listing 100 firms in 
FYP. This free listing will be applicable till March 2009, and could be 
extended if things work out well. Oh! The Yellow Pages listing will also be 
made available online, shortly.
To enlist your organisation for FREE, you can download the form from 
http://www.openitis.com/fyp/ [Please ignore the tariff mentioned in the FYP 
leaflet -- those are applicable to only those who want to enlist under 
additional categories.] If you have doubts or queries, please feel free to 
call Dhiraj Khare at 011-26810601 or 02 or 03 (extn: 230) -- he will be more 
than happy to facilitate your entry.
Hope to keep playing a role in growing the India FOSS ecosystem with your 
Yours truly,
LINUX For You Sales & Marketing Team

**To ensure that firms listed in FYP are genuine, we will seek one of the 
(a) proof of incorporation of the firm, or 
(b) proof of a current account for the firm

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