[Ilugc] Quasar - Accounting Package

varadarajan narayanan rad.narayanan at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 23:27:36 IST 2008

>>> http://www.linuxcanada.com/quasar.shtml
>> The other one I know is kalculate  > http://kalculate.com/
> Tally, Photoshop/ Pagemaker are going to be the biggest hurdles here.
>> Few people have even expressed their willingness
>> to help in creating a replacement.

Hi !

Like using wine another practical option is the route taken by some of
the medium sized enterprises here in North America. It is possible to
run Xp machine in a virtualised environment like kvm. That way out of
say 20 linux machines one or two will run Xp Vms and should suffice
for small business. It is not 100% replacement but even 95% is a
progress in replacing windows !

Another option is using a hosted version so that only a browser is required.

Of course nothing like a replacement. Quasar works well but is it like
quickbooks tailored for North American market. If any of you want to
work on it and "indianise" it and making it suitable for Indian
market, I am willing to help out. Kalculate is made for Indian market
but I dont know what are the issues. I know Sudhir of Kalculate and
marking a copy of this thread to him so that he can respond.



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