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Tue Dec 16 23:55:39 IST 2008

On Tue, Dec 16, 2008 at 11:27 PM, varadarajan narayanan
<rad.narayanan at gmail.com> wrote:
> Of course nothing like a replacement. Quasar works well but is it like
> quickbooks tailored for North American market. If any of you want to
> work on it and "indianise" it and making it suitable for Indian
> market, I am willing to help out. Kalculate is made for Indian market
> but I dont know what are the issues. I know Sudhir of Kalculate and
> marking a copy of this thread to him so that he can respond.

What about OpenERP[1]? It has a accounting only profile[2], that one
can use for accounting only needs. There's also a project on launchpad
for Indian localisation of accounting known as  accounts_india[3].
There's also Indian Chart of Accounts[4], though it was released quite
a while ago.

1. http://openerp.com/
2. http://openerp.com/component/option,com_mtree/Itemid,111/task,viewlink/link_id,241/
3. https://code.launchpad.net/~openerp-commiter/openerp/account_india
4. http://openerp.com/component/option,com_mtree/Itemid,111/task,viewlink/link_id,299/


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