[Ilugc] Open Source Software Development Event At College of Engineering, Guindy

sanath kumar dayanandasaraswati at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 08:35:47 IST 2008

Hello friends,
    I'm Sanath Kumar and I take this opportunity to introduce you K++ which
is the  Open Source Software Development Event at Kurukshetra '09.
Kurukshetra is the annual techo-management festival of College Of
Engineering, Guindy. The event, in short, is a simulation of product
development in the open source kingdom. In brief, this event gives you a
problem statement and a base code. You have to develop the base code and
submit your work incremently. As in the open source world, you are not
expected to develop the whole software by yourself. You can develop modules
of any size and integrate it with the base code and submit to us. We'll
evaluate your submission and reward you. There are also a handfull of bugs
in the base code, which you can report to us. Bug Reports and Bug Patches
also carry points. At the end of the day its about colloborative development
of software in a competitive manner. Its going to be a lot of fun especially
with the unique time based points which we deliver you. Moreover, its fully
ONLINE. This event is designed for everybody from novice to expert. So
there's food for everyone's appetite. Excited..? So what are you waiting
for..Go to kplusplus.kurukshetra.org.in and start working right away.
Anybody and everybody can participate in this event. Its after all
"*OPEN".*Very attractive prizes are there for the winners.

People, also take a look at www.kurukshetra.org.in for a host of other

This is personally my first step towards promoting FOSS. Your participation
show to the people of other colleges and also to my own college that FOSS is
not a *Philosophy* but a *Phenomenon.*

FOSS Freak,

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