[Ilugc] Centralized Tamil Spell checker for GNU/LINUX

S.Selvam Siva s.selvamsiva at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 13:27:32 IST 2008

Hello ilugc,

I am selvam doing final year computer science in Jaya Engineering college

I am happy to share that we students started working on "Centralized Tamil
Spell checker for GNU/LINUX" under the guidance of Mr.Amachu and Mr.Kumaran
HOD CSE dept of our college.

so what i have done so far ?

1.Extracted 14,000 Tamil words from Aspell-ta
2.Doing research on Aspell, Kspell, hunspell etc
3.I am writing a Tamil spell checker engine module in python which can be
integrated text editors and browsers
4.I have written a plug-in for gedit with Py-GTK toolkit for GUI which makes
use of our tamil spell checker engine module which is under development

Here the snapshot of the work done so far,

Currently i am using Google doc to organize the Tamil word list, but its
very slow as i am using mobile GPRS Internet connection.

what i expect from you ?

1.Feasible/Better solution to collect and organize the Tamil words which
should be accessible to everyone.
2. Help to add/edit the tamil words to word list.
3.If you are guy/girl with similar thought who want to contribute something
of this sort,do join with us.
4.Help on tamil Grammar rules and suggestions to implement them.
5.Also if you have tamil word list please send it to me.


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