[Ilugc] RE: vfat partition mounting in Ubuntu 8.10 solved

பத்மநாதன் indianathann at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 13:43:12 IST 2008

>1) Does your user belong to group 'users'?

          There is no user named 'users' and only group is available.

>2) What happens if you manually mount that partition with the command
mount /dev/sda4 /mnt/share

           Manual mount of partition is working. But it require root
permission. Normal user couldn't write in this partition.

>Just asking. But if both are GNU/Linux distributions, why do you use vfat?

           Nothing special in using vfat. No windows OS in my PC. Even
though my pendrive in ext2 file system, i just made it as vfat.

> 3) Try running fsck on the partition and then remount it.
If all the above fail, you should try on the ubuntu lists/irc

I add 'noauto' in fstab as below and change my idea from auto-mounting

/dev/sda4     /mnt/share     vfat     users,
grp=users,noauto,umask=0002,rw,utf=8    0    0

Then I create an alias in ~/.bashrc file of normal user

alias share="mount -v  /dev/sda4"
alias unshare="umount -v /dev/sda4"

Now it is working and partition has an RW permission


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