[Ilugc] Centralized Tamil Spell checker for GNU/LINUX

S.Selvam Siva s.selvamsiva at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 15:08:06 IST 2008

> The word alternatives are listed as radio buttons with the buttons aligned
> straight to them, which visually implies that each button has something to
> do with the option it is lined with, but it is not exactly true in your
> case.
> Also, the common way of offering options in spell checkers is through a
> single-selectable list box and the buttons aligned in a 2 row or 3 row two
> column arrangement. You can see this in the default spell checker used in
> Gedit.

thank you for your valuable suggestion,i actually tried with gtk Treeview
and Liststore to display list of item  ,but its truly hard to use and
finding the selected item(as i am new).

Now i am trying with kiwi-python module's ObjectList.

suggestions are welcome.


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