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balachandar muruganantham mbchandar at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 17:05:09 IST 2008

Hi Luggies,

GoOpenSource - free and open source software blog for human beings

Why GoOpenSource?
This blog is dedicated in provide information about free and open source
software for human beings. i say it specifically for human beings because
this blog not going to contain geeky stuff. its for a common man who will be
able to do his stuff using FOSS legally and enjoys the freedom

Goal of the Blog
Making Non-techie people to use FOSS for their daily needs.

How can i contribute?
If you are a FOSS user, please write an article about the FOSS software
which you use daily at work / home and send it to mbchandar AT gmail DOT
com. You can also write how to, getting started or series of articles
related to a particular FOSS software which are of common use. You article
should be simple and easy to understand targeted at end user.

is there already exists like this?
i really dont know. i started this so share the list of softwares i use
daily and thought of getting to know the same from you folks who use them.

you can read the articles in the blog. share your critics, comments,
improvements, suggestions et al.

- balachandar muruganantham
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