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2008/12/17 balachandar muruganantham <mbchandar at gmail.com>

> Hi Luggies,
> GoOpenSource - free and open source software blog for human beings
> Why GoOpenSource?
> This blog is dedicated in provide information about free and open source
> software for human beings. i say it specifically for human beings because
> this blog not going to contain geeky stuff. its for a common man who will
> be
> able to do his stuff using FOSS legally and enjoys the freedom
> Goal of the Blog
> Making Non-techie people to use FOSS for their daily needs.
> How can i contribute?
> If you are a FOSS user, please write an article about the FOSS software
> which you use daily at work / home and send it to mbchandar AT gmail DOT
> com. You can also write how to, getting started or series of articles
> related to a particular FOSS software which are of common use. You article
> should be simple and easy to understand targeted at end user.
> is there already exists like this?
> i really dont know. i started this so share the list of softwares i use
> daily and thought of getting to know the same from you folks who use them.
> you can read the articles in the blog. share your critics, comments,
> improvements, suggestions et al.

I cannot find any link to the blog you mentioned.. may be u missed out ???

This is the blog: http://goopensource.wordpress.com/

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