[Ilugc] is FOSS methodology structured ?

Selvakumar Rajeswaran selva_rsr at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 17 18:45:08 IST 2008

Hello FOSSians,
Fundamentally is FOSS development methodolgy analytically structured ?
As we see, almost any FOSS s/w development activity is caried out in an adhoc manner and most of the decisions are made out of human instincts. 
More particularly the following points need clarification 
1) Is any FOSS software development activity carried out conforming to Software Engineering Standards ?
2) As in any SDLC workflow (carried out in formal Software Engineering practices), 
        a) is there any well-defined documentation available at each stage of project progress, so that 
            those documentation would serve for future reference & revisiting at any future point of time.
        b) by the term "documentation" i mean the documents of SRS, Design Specification, Project Plan, Cost-                    Estimation, Execution Plan, Contingency Plan and so like.
        c) so the point is, when such things get documented, the process by itself would render a blue-print before
            hand the solution is implemented and for this same reason only any formal Engineering level work 
            is carried out in that way.

            So now, the Q'n is does FOSS adhere to formal Engineering practices ?
            If not then for what other one or more reasons we should embrace FOSS ?
            Iam raising this Q'n as a responsible Engineer.
            Also I can tell that if FOSS donot adhere to any formal Engineering practices, then Iam sure that most of 
            the activities done would yield themselves redundant and that would spell an eddy-current in the dynamics             of economics. How can such a scenario be usefull for a layman user/consumer in every-day life ?

Let us try to (re)engineer the entire problem.



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