[Ilugc] is FOSS methodology structured ?

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Wed Dec 17 19:14:34 IST 2008


>             So now, the Q'n is does FOSS adhere to formal Engineering practices ?
>             If not then for what other one or more reasons we should embrace FOSS ?
>             Iam raising this Q'n as a responsible Engineer.
>             Also I can tell that if FOSS donot adhere to any formal Engineering practices,

Here is the answer from "The Cathedral and the Bazaar" by Eric Steven Raymond

I anatomize a successful open-source project, fetchmail, that was run
as a deliberate test of the surprising theories about software
engineering suggested by the history of Linux.

I discuss these theories in terms of two fundamentally different
development styles, the ``cathedral'' model of most of the commercial
world versus the ``bazaar'' model of the Linux world. I show that
these models derive from opposing assumptions about the nature of the
software-debugging task.

I then make a sustained argument from the Linux experience for the
proposition that ``Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow'',
suggest productive analogies with other self-correcting systems of
selfish agents, and conclude with some exploration of the implications
of this insight for the future of software.

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