[Ilugc] is FOSS methodology structured ?

Selvakumar Rajeswaran selva_rsr at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 17 22:39:12 IST 2008


>I see excellent roadmaps in FOSS projects. And much unlike Microsoft's
>Vista's roadmap, which was expected to release in 2003 and came out in 2006,
>most are almost on track.
I wish the roadmaps that you see are much unlike that of BOSS (given & questionably excellently supported by CDAC) too. 

>Also the longest step in any SE process(maintenance) is best applied to FOSS
>since if the lead dev quits, we have either a fork or a set of developers
>taking up
>the same project.(audacious from xmms)
>Testing is comprehensive too.(Alphas, betas, RCs). This is too slightly
>from the Cathedral style since we have nothing to hide from the people here.
>we can involve them more in testing. Testers are always welcome at any

All the above scenarios are just plain depiction without adequate parametric quantification, as such scenarios usually happen in both FOSS projects and non-FOSS projects as they are intrinsic in any development process. 
Any system is said to have good maintenability if its maintenance requirement is nearly-zero ie, maintenance-free (or atleast to the practicaly minimum possible extent). So, FOSS obviously doesn't qualify to have a good maintenability (as wherever we turn our heads we hear about bug-fixing in FOSS). 



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