[Ilugc] Blue tooth file share bet'n N72 and Fedora / Ubuntu Laptop.

siva moorthy gnusiva at gmail.com
Thu Dec 18 11:28:51 IST 2008

I am not aware of Nokia N97 but i the following steps worked for me......

Step 1:
$ hcitool scan

it will displays the bluetooth phone name and MAC address

Scanning …

00:1F:CC:25:EA:C5    Amachu

Step 2:
hidd –connect=00:1F:CC:25:EA:C5

it will now connect to the bluetooth phone

$ su
[root at amachu amachu]# sudo hidd –connect=00:1F:CC:25:EA:C5
Connected to 00:1F:CC:25:EA:C5 on channel 2
Press CTRL-C for hangup

Step 3:

Now open File Browser and type the following path in address bar,
obex://[MAC address]

now the bluetooth phone's memory can be accessible…..


On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 12:48 AM, Dhakshina Moorthy K.M. <
moorthykmd at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Any experience on sharing files between Nokia N72 and Fedora / Ubuntu via
> bluetooth. Relavance to photo share.
> There is an opportunity for installing Fed8 / U8.10 on a laptop .
> Dhakshina Moorthy, K.M.
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