[Ilugc] FOSS Conference-2009 suggestion

sugantha sugantha19 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 18 18:09:49 IST 2008

 Hello Everyone...I belong to Jerusalem College of Engineering and today I
had a talk with our HOD about organizing the conference in our college. She
was interested and wanted to know more like.. How many rooms will be
needed?... What the college gets out of it..? How many are expected in the
days of the conference..? etc..She said  only with all these details she can
take the matter to the principal for his permission... Since I am also a
newbie here I could'nt answer those very well..So if LUG is still undecided
about the venue and if they are ok with my college then kindly reply, I ll
PM you her contact no so that one of the mods here can explain things to her

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