[Ilugc] [OT] A future in quantum computing???

Ashok Gautham thescriptdevil at gmail.com
Mon Dec 22 21:53:14 IST 2008

I have been wondering over a long course of time what I must specialize
in during my MS (and possible PhD). I most certainly am not planning to
work in a traditional IT company. I need a workplace that will be
and I most certainly dont mind a lil' risk.

This news items provided one of those moments when I feel a tingling in
me. *http://tinyurl.com/9m6n4w*

I am an IT 3rd year student. I know that understanding of quantum physics
might be essential for pursuing higher education in Quantum Computing. I
am planning to work on algorithm development in QC. My groundwork told
me that it was the closest edge to my current line. I have always been
interested in algorithms and their analysis.

So. Which are the universities that provide quality research in Quantum
Sciences? What are the chances of getting into them. If they are not M.S.
courses, what will be the qualifying P.G. degree for them?

Also, I would like to understand the groundwork i have to do with respect
to prepping for this choice of mine. Like what are the Physics books I have
to dust out from the library? Is there a place that would provide project
options for me to research on during my fourth year thereby being a little
more than a student to gazed to the stars and said "I could have been there"

I know this is way off topic. But this is the only place where there are
people together. I have the best chances of an answer here.

Ashok `ScriptDevil` Gautham

P.S. : I noticed there is hardly and research in India through some basic
googling. I would be happy to be proven wrong here.

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