[Ilugc] [OT] A future in quantum computing???

Satish Eerpini eerpini at gmail.com
Mon Dec 22 22:07:39 IST 2008

Hey Ashok,

I am not expert to advice you on this, I am also a 3rd year CSE
student from VIT.

But thanks for the link, the article was awesome :) !!


On 12/22/08, Ashok Gautham <thescriptdevil at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have been wondering over a long course of time what I must specialize
> in during my MS (and possible PhD). I most certainly am not planning to
> work in a traditional IT company. I need a workplace that will be
> challenging
> and I most certainly dont mind a lil' risk.
> This news items provided one of those moments when I feel a tingling in
> me. *http://tinyurl.com/9m6n4w*
> I am an IT 3rd year student. I know that understanding of quantum physics
> might be essential for pursuing higher education in Quantum Computing. I
> am planning to work on algorithm development in QC. My groundwork told
> me that it was the closest edge to my current line. I have always been
> interested in algorithms and their analysis.
> So. Which are the universities that provide quality research in Quantum
> Sciences? What are the chances of getting into them. If they are not M.S.
> courses, what will be the qualifying P.G. degree for them?
> Also, I would like to understand the groundwork i have to do with respect
> to prepping for this choice of mine. Like what are the Physics books I have
> to dust out from the library? Is there a place that would provide project
> options for me to research on during my fourth year thereby being a little
> more than a student to gazed to the stars and said "I could have been there"
> I know this is way off topic. But this is the only place where there are
> diverse
> people together. I have the best chances of an answer here.
> :D
> ---
> Ashok `ScriptDevil` Gautham
> P.S. : I noticed there is hardly and research in India through some basic
> googling. I would be happy to be proven wrong here.
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