[Ilugc] [OT] A future in quantum computing???

Kapil Hari Paranjape kapil at imsc.res.in
Mon Dec 22 22:23:44 IST 2008


On Mon, 22 Dec 2008, Ashok Gautham wrote:
> Also, I would like to understand the groundwork i have to do with respect
> to prepping for this choice of mine. Like what are the Physics books I have
> to dust out from the library? Is there a place that would provide project
> options for me to research on during my fourth year thereby being a little
> more than a student to gazed to the stars and said "I could have been there"

> P.S. : I noticed there is hardly and research in India through some basic
> googling. I would be happy to be proven wrong here.

I can think of a few people who are interested in quantum computing
and various aspects of it:

1. K. R. Parthasarathy of ISI, Delhi who has been giving courses 
   on Quantum Information Theory at various places. He would be able
   to tell you quite a bit about the mathematics of QC.

2. R. Simon and Sibasish Ghosh of IMSc, Chennai who recently ran
   a workshop on "Entanglement" followed by a two day conference
   on Quantum Matter and Quantum Information.

3. J. Radhakrishnan of TIFR, Mumbai who works on Algorithms and
   Randomness and is interested in QC as well.

I have provided you with with one person to contact in each of the
theoretical aspects Mathematics, Physics and CS in that order. I
don't know who works on the experimental aspects.

I do know that there used to be a simulator for a quantum computer
that was available as a package in Debian. Perhaps you can try it


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