[Ilugc] When Vellore woke up for Ubuntu!

ம. ஸ்ரீ ராமதாஸ்|Sri Ramadoss M amachu at ubuntu.com
Mon Dec 22 23:22:02 IST 2008

Vellore IT Associated had organized a day of 'Ubuntu Dawn' for its members
and general public on Dec 21, 2008 at Hotel Aavana Inn, Vellore. More than
forty people from Vellore, Aarani and other places of Vellore district got
benefitted as a result of this event.

Different modes of Ubuntu installation, Package handling techniques, Tamil
features in Ubuntu, Fonts installation, Installation of addicted Windows
application using Wine were among various topics covered at the event. While
the proprietary accounting application Tally got installed and ran
successfully using Wine, it was suggested by Ubuntu Tamil Team that, as a
first Step, the resellers and users of Tally Solutions, compel the Tally
Corporation to provide them a debian installable also(1). We expressed hope
that alternatives are being looked at by the Community and soon a Free
Software replacement would emerge for Tally. A handbook on Ubuntu Basics was
also provided(2).

Siva and Sri Ramadoss from Ubuntu Tamil Team conducted the event. We thank
Sairam, other office bearers and members of Vellore IT association for
providing us with this oppurtunity. Photos will be shared soon..

(1) Ubuntu Tamil Team also requests, if you are an existing User of Tally,
to compel Tally Solutions to provide a debian installable for its releases.
You can write to support at tallysolutions.com. Website:
(2) http://ubuntu-tam.org/avanam/nigazhchi/2008/dec/vellore/


Sri Ramadoss M

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