[Ilugc] FYI: NCOSS 2009

Arun Khan knura at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 23 00:35:13 IST 2008

On Monday 22 Dec 2008, ம. ஸ்ரீ ராமதாஸ்|Sri Ramadoss M wrote:
> *Instructions:*

>    Papers must report original work carried out by the authors. The
> work can include development of new solutions, enhancing existing
> Open Source applications for specific requirements and comparative
> analysis of competing solutions. Direct survey or overview papers are
> not acceptable.
>    -
>    The length of the papers should not exceed 10 pages of A4 size
> (approx. 5000 words) including figures, etc.
>    -
>    Papers should be in English
> Bad..................
> Expression of knowledge forbidden in the name of Language..

Please give your feedback directly to the organizers of the conference. 
IMO that will have more meaning.  Bharathi Subramanian simply forwarded 
the announcement to this list.

Arun Khan

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