[Ilugc] Re: ilugc Digest, Vol 55, Issue 78

abdullah abdul Khadir abdullah.ak2002 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 25 20:24:16 IST 2008

On Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2008 13:58:32 +0530  Girish Venkatachalam <
girishvenkatachalam at gmail.com> wrote :

> On 13:05:23 Dec 25, abdullah abdul Khadir wrote:
> >
> > Could not open '/dev/kqemu' - QEMU acceleration layer not activated
> > -usb_add /dev/sdb1
> >
> This is not a fatal error message. Only that it will run a tad slower
> that is all.  No big deal. It is still fast enough for most purposes.

Well, i did'nt mean to say that it was an error message. Just wanted to show
that I was not getting a prompt to type anything into. However the next mail
by Ashish answered my question.

> > Is there a way to start  qemu such that i get a prompt to type in further
> > commands?
> >
> What do you mean?

Check the mail by Ashish or press Ctrl+Alt+2 after starting qemu

FreeBSD has nothing to do with linux. It is an OS and not a distro. I am
> sorry for nitpicking. That wasn't the intention.
> There is no concept of distro outside the linux world.

Yes sir, point noted. However, I knew that FreeBSD is a descendent of BSD
and a variant of Unix and has nothing to do with Linux.

> If you want to really learn any OS you have to run on bare metal.
> Virtualization makes things more complicated.

I don't want to learn Windows !!! I just need to run it (*on Linux* not on
bare metal).

You could try asking in mailing lists. Well there is no need to read all
> the documentation. But you could at least read the relevant sections to
> rectify your problems and march ahead.
> Agreed, sometimes we get stuck and we get busy with other things. That
> is the way things work unfortunately.
> I have had situations where it has taken months to rectify something.
> Even a year or so in rare cases.

I just wanted to know if people in this mailing list already knew the answer
and already have the experience so that I don't have to wait a year or join
another mailing list(s).

> Why do you want to layer virtualbox over qemu?

I guess I just confused you. My only objective is to run another OS
specifically Windows and other stuff as well, whether qemu or virtualbox. I
prefer virtualbox for the speed as well as "ease" of use (at least for me).
However, as i said earlier I just messed up the installation.

Best of luck with linux.
> I am sure Debian is the right choice.

It sure is!!! :-)

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