[Ilugc] re: reading usb device in virtual os

abdullah abdul Khadir abdullah.ak2002 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 25 20:28:28 IST 2008

On Thu, Dec 25, 2008 at 3:49 PM, "Ashish Verma" <ashishverma1984 at gmail.com>
wrote :

> > Is there a way to start  qemu such that i get a prompt to type in further
> > commands?
> When you boot the VM, press ctrl+alt+2 to get to the qemu prompt. At the
> (qemu) prompt type info and you will get all possible commands.

Wow !!! Thanks for that wonderful piece of info. I never knew that it would
be displayed right on the screen. Now that was good.

By the way how do i get back to Windows after pressing ctrl+alt+2.

Are you using a 64 bit version of Debian. Virtualbox gets installed by force
> on a 64bit OS, however, to get it working it requires 32 bit shared
> libraries, my fedora has similar 64 bit one's so I was not able to use
> Virtualbox and I could not locate all the packages required to facilitate
> the 32bit support. One thing I am going to try is, to install a rhel4 on a
> VM and the install vbox on that rhel4 and then copy over the libraries to
> my
> host system. That may work.

I am using 32 bit.

> Regards,
> Ashish

Thanks again ,

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