[Ilugc] WiFi configuration in Ubuntu

Murugapandian | முருகபாண்டியன் barathee at gmail.com
Sat Dec 27 03:34:30 IST 2008

This is related to USB wireless adapter configuration in Ubuntu Hardy Heron.
I was not able to configure it successfully thought I spent considerable
amount of effort today.
[image: http://media.dsgibusiness.com/img/products/NETWG111.jpg]
I am using NetGear WG111 USB wireless LAN adapter. Since I found wireless
option is not listed in the System>Administration>Network. After spending
some time in google I need to install ndiswrapper windows driver. I uploaded
the inf file. I added an entry to issue *sudo modprobe ndiswrapper *I found

*FATAL: Module ndiswrapper not found.*

After some googleing I found linux-headers need to added and ndiswrapper
need to be compiled once again. I did it with synaptic. and make and make
install of ndiswrapper also finished. Still I am not able to make my network

The network manager still lists only the Wired connection and P-2-P
connection, but not wireless connections.

Did any of you configured it successfully. Can you give me some inputs in


-pandian r

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