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Tue Dec 30 13:43:49 IST 2008


I am writing to you from Valued Epistemics Pvt Ltd (VEPL), an Education 
Technology start-up based in Adyar, Chennai. We currently have openings 
in our Research and Development group.

VEPL is founded and managed by a team drawn from top institutions such 
as IIT, IISc, IIM, Purdue, University of Texas and Stanford. The way we 
work reflects the spirit and style of Silicon Valley, creating great 
technology and services that change people's lives. Our company culture 
is based on integrity, intensity and informality. Our R&D team builds 
Wizdom.in, a popular and pioneering learning platform producing 
enjoyable, effective, adaptive and personalized learning experiences on 
computing devices (PCs & Mobiles).

If you are interested in working with us, please read on. Thanks for 
your time and we wish you the very best in your job search || higher 
studies || open source projects || patches || whatever else you may be 
working on.

Manager, Research and Development
Valued Epistemics Pvt Ltd (http://www.GREedge.com)
22 Gandhinagar 2nd Main Road,
Adyar, Chennai - 600020


Job Description and Requirements

As a core member of our R&D team, you will need to innately understand 
end user requirements from the market and translate them into high 
quality software. You will be expected to arrive at superior solutions 
and software implementations by exploring new and emerging areas of 
computer science and mobile technology.

* You are an inventor at heart, desiring to create one of those killer 
applications that will be the final word in the segment. Your role 
demands significant out-of-the-box thinking, creativity and passion for 
innovation and hard work without compromising on quality.

* You enjoy being involved in the complete life cycle of product 
creation, from Gathering Requirements, Design, Architecture, 
Programming, Testing all the way to final end-user deployment.

* You are eager to learn and master the required software and tools, 
such as Java, J2EE, J2ME, Struts, Ajax, JSON, LAMP, mySQL, etc.

* You are interested in several areas of Computer Science such as 
Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Pattern Recognition, Knowledge 
Modeling, Algorithm Design, Visualization, Analytics, Data Warehousing 
and User Interface design. Interest in, or exposure to fields such as 
Cognitive Psychology, Pedagogy, Instruction Design, etc would be a great 

* You are articulate and open-minded, you have strong team building, 
listening, communication and collaborative skills. You should be able to 
communicate and work closely with with members of varied teams such as 
Content authors and editors, Instruction Design experts, Teachers, 
Product Management, Sales, etc.


To Apply: Email your updated resume along with your responses for the 
following questions to technology.careers at vepl.com

1. What are you doing currently?
2. What kind of job are you looking for?
3. What projects did you like working on and why?
4. On a scale of 1 - 10, how would you rate yourself in C, C++, Core 
Java, J2EE, PHP and mySQL? Have you ever worked on JavaScript, JSON / 
AJAX, Ruby on Rails?
5. What classes did you enjoy as a student and why? What classes did not 
interest you, why not?
6. Have you done any projects based on your own motivation and interest, 
i.e. not as a compulsory college project or as part of your job? Please 
attach project reports, documentation, source code, screenshots and any 
other original material that can help us evaluate your problem solving 
and programming aptitude.
7. What open source software do you frequently use? Have you contributed 
to any open source projects?
8. Do you have a website or a blog?
9. If currently employed, what is your notice period? When are you 
available to join?

Here is an excerpt from the Hindu Business Line about R&D work at VEPL:

Q. What are the areas you are working on, as part of your research?

A. Our R&D (research and development) team works on analytics, 
visualisation, interaction design, instructional design, pedagogy, 
linguistics, cognitive psychology, signal processing, database 
management, statistics, data mining, multimedia, algorithm design, 
distributed computing, mobile applications and system design.

With the growth in our operations, we are also beginning to look at 
newer areas such as services science. We use Java, J2EE, J2ME and Web2.0 
technologies quite a lot and also tools such as SPSS and MATLAB 
equivalents. A lot of the work is interdisciplinary and uses a mixture 
of computer science, electrical engineering and specific knowledge in 
the areas mentioned above. Our R&D team is trying to solve problems in 
advanced personalised learning, distance learning and high-quality 
service provisioning to our students through the use of computations.

Link to the full interview:


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