[Ilugc] hi:good morning: g odesk problem

kesavan tm kasavan4u at yahoo.co.in
Tue Dec 30 13:44:48 IST 2008

that package is downlaod  by following link
ht tp://www.odesk.com/community/files/godesk_1.3.2_ubuntu7_i386.deb

From: Shrinivasan T <tshrinivasan at gmail.com>
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Sent: Tuesday, 30 December, 2008 1:36:26 PM
Subject: Re: [Ilugc] hi:good morning: g odesk problem

>> What is godesk?
> some proprietary crap

Oh. :-(

>> where to get it?
> why do you want it?

searched on synaptic.
did not get

No need, as it is proprietary.


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