[Ilugc] Suggest a PHP Framework

Ravi Jaya ravi.goglobium at gmail.com
Tue Dec 30 13:52:16 IST 2008

>  Based on my experience synfony+doctrine PRM+memcache has proved to be
> most stable and scalable combo. In one scenario we are serving rought
> 1.5 million pages everyday.

Choosing an Ideal Framework, is all about the requirement of the project,
for example if the application is going to deployed in the dedicated hosting
then Symfony is the best one. other wise  you could choose anything else.

Code generation, Symfony provides the option to generate the code depends on
the structure of the model layer.

Time, Symfony is vast, if you have enough time to invest on learning and
doing home work, before you kickstart your work then go ahead with the

Symfony could be a base for promoting the development of enterprise  class
solution with the PHP.

Last but not least Symfony could do wonders if you know how you use it
correct way. Its been supported by an most active community and extensive



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