[Ilugc] Centralized Tamil Spell checker for GNU/LINUX

Kenneth Gonsalves lawgon at thenilgiris.com
Wed Dec 31 18:18:03 IST 2008

On Wednesday 31 Dec 2008 5:26:31 pm Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> > Not at all Mugunth. I can understand. That was not expression of
> > frustration but rather a inward question Why?
> For various reasons, many of which share a common trait with the general
> lack of Indian contributors to FOSS.

a very important factor - who does translations? Not software developers. The 
people who do are the endusers who *require* translation. You want a tamil 
translation of say, drupal. You will only get it when someone wants to build 
a drupal based site in Tamil - not before. There are a few people like Amachu 
or Kartik Mistry and some others who translate for love of their native 
language - but these are exceptions. I would warrant that 90% of the web 
developers on this list - or developers on this list - do not write i18n 
code. They do not feel the need - there *is* no need. And translation where 
there *is* a need is a very trivial matter. I once developed a site where 
there was a need for both english and finnish. All I did was send the 
relevant .po files to the client, she dug up poedit in windows and did the 
needful in a day or two - and still updates it when needed. 

So go create endusers in local languages for your software - translations will 


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