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Tue Feb 19 18:29:42 IST 2008

Here's some great news that I (on behalf of the Linux For You team) wanted
to share with all of you...

The Gist...

Top 20 winners for FOSS India Awards were finalised on 15th of Feb during
Open Source India Week's Delhi edition. NRCFOSS sponsored these awards by
taking care of the prize money, which is Rs 5 lakh-- where each winner
will get Rs 25,000!

Here's what M.R. Rajagopalan, director, NRCFOSS, shad to say w.r.t. the
awards, “Through such incentives, NRCFOSS expects to stimulate young
minds, encourage innovative contributions to the FOSS ecosystem and
address the digital divide."

Complete details about the awards announcement can be had at:

<snippet from the announcement>

Here is the complete list of the winners:

* Hindawi Indic Programming System
* Zmanda Recover Manager for MySQL
* Dhvani Indian Language Text to Speech System
* Fedora (games and localization spins)
* KDE 3.5 Hindi
* MayaVi
* Jtrac
* DeepOfix
* Tuxtype
* WanEM
* Mac4Lin
* OpenLX
* Anjuta
* HarvestMan
* Get it I say
* Ffmpeginstall
* Belenix
* TVTK: Traited VTK
* GNUSim8085


For more details about the FOSS India Awards, visit: www.openits.com/awards/

Soon, registration will be opened up for FOSS India Awards 2009...

Niraj Sahay

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