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On Feb 19, 2008 12:24 PM, Girish Venkatachalam <
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> This post is not strictly on topic but I thought there might be several

This post is seriously & completely off topic.

> web UI developers who might be interested in this.

Any web UI developer worth his two cents would have known about the kiss
principle. if you havent heard / read about it then please do so

> Even otherwise it is pretty cool. ;)

Still insist it hurts eyeballs

> A great work of art.

bad colour combinations. Too bold a  background.

> http://inner.geek.nz/javascript/parallax/
> I guess parallax scrolling is one of the new technology to catch eye
> balls in web design.

I have followed the web for over 5 years now . i can bet my last penny that
it will be a disaster.

> Enjoy,
> -Girish
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