[Ilugc] Forget about MS , work towards a better GNU/Linux( was [FSUG-Bangalore] Boycott Novell Protesters Man-handled at National Conference on Free Software 2008)

varadarajan narayanan rad.narayanan at gmail.com
Fri Nov 21 22:55:30 IST 2008

>>>> I wonder what boycott novell people have to say about Novell's
>>>> contribution to gnome and to opensuse?

> Fond are we to Lotus - Divine
> Pond or Silt it may come from - for
> sure the Pond leads us to Mukthi
> Silt traps and reduces our Sakthi

> Better translations invited. Recommended for Boycot Novell Campaigners :-)

mmmm...  I dont think we can come up with a better translation.. But
how about another analogy ?

Putting money in Temple Hundi does not absolve you robbing the bank  ;-))



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