[Ilugc] Suggestion are invited for foss jobs website for India

Shrinivasan T tshrinivasan at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 14:12:51 IST 2009


Good to hear this.

A site for FOSS Jobs.

Great initiative.

> * Any body will be able to post without registration

Consider the security issues.

Keep in moderation.

> * posting will include category
> ** (HELP HELP) please suggest job category
> *** C++, Java , Python, Javascript, Web, html5, Graphics designer,
> CSS, C, EmbeddedC, Andriod

There wont be any end for categories. Let the public to put their own
categories like tags.

> **** want some more
> * posting will include type of job
> *** full time, parttime, freelance

Add Work from home.

> *** (HELP HELP ) suggest some more type -- volunteer, trainer,

Give option to give the details of the place too.

> (HELP HELP) Anything else you want on such foss job board ? mail me

Give RSS facility.
Give updates via twitter, identica,
Give email subscription facility.

Give search options.

For example, I have to search like this,
Linux jobs in chennai
php jobs in delhi

Give links to other job sites and mailing lists.


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