[Ilugc] .a-tip-a-day (dump & restore - BSD commands for backing up file systems)

Girish Venkatachalam girishvenkatachalam at gmail.com
Wed Oct 7 06:02:51 IST 2009

This is the first time I am covering a BSD command.

# dump 0f rootfs.bin /dev/rwd0a

# restore rf rootfs.bin

dump dumps the contents of the /dev/wd0a partition(root partition)
into the file rootfs.bin

restore should be exected from the partition like above and it will
copy all files into the
freshly created partition.

Before restore, you have to create a partition and format it with newfs(8).

This is a BSD command. I think there is a download for linux also.

dump and restore deal only with actualy files and not with unallocated
space like dd.

I use it a lot and find it very nice.


Gayatri Hitech
web: http://gayatri-hitech.com

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