[Ilugc] Lawgon's last rites..

ஆமாச்சு amachu at amachu.net
Sun Aug 5 10:09:39 IST 2012

Dear all,

Personally & on behalf of all of you who would have wanted to take part 
in Lawgon's last rites, myself & Anand Balakrishnan Pillai of Python 
Society were there yesterday to pay our homage.

The cremation took place at Crematory near Wellington at 3 PM.

I have seen many mastering Open Source Technologies ending up making 
Proprietary Software with them or ending out working for companies that 
do so for a monthly salary.

He was lawyer, left it to become a free software developer, proponent & 
lived true to its cause, to the best of my knowledge & understanding.



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