[Ilugc] Trouble accessing Pages via Apache server

Prasanna Venkadesh prasmailme at gmail.com
Wed Aug 22 19:26:56 IST 2012

Hi all,

Objective:- I need to view web pages in my smartphone. The Web-pages are in
my laptop running Apache Web-server inside the directory "/var/www/html"

Operating System:- Fedora 16

1. I have a D-Link Wireless Router which is connected to Internet.
2. Connected both Laptop and Smartphone wireless to the router to access
internet, so they are in same wireless local network.
3. I have set static Ip for my laptop as "" and the default
gateway is the ip address of my router "", as DNS

Problem:- I am not able to access "" from
smartphone's browser, it says " Cannot connect to server". Whereas the same
address works locally in laptop's browser. I do not have another Laptop or
computer to test if it works in that.

Is there anything am doing wrong? Do i need to configure Apache?
I have turned SELinux disabled.

Prasanna Venkadesh
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