[Ilugc] init scripts Ubuntu 12.04 server

deva free devafree at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 24 09:59:01 IST 2012

Subject: Re: [Ilugc] init scripts Ubuntu 12.04 server
deva free <devafree at yahoo.com> wrote:

>> I am trying out the new Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit server. I find the scripts in
>> init.d are not starting up on boot. The permissions are correct. I can
>> manually start with service <servicename> start (whereever service works)
>> or /etc/init.d/scriptname start.
From: Arun Venkataswamy <arun289 at gmail.com>
>Assuming only your manually added script is not running,
>did you run `update-rc.d`?
The issue is solved, thank you very much. It was not only manual scripts I added, but also apache2 and mysql and others installed with apt-get. 

I did 
sudo update-rc.d -f apache2 remove
sudo update-rc.d apache2 defaults 


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