[Ilugc] I love ruby

Karthikeyan A.K mindaslab at gmail.com
Sun Aug 26 12:21:38 IST 2012

OK, here is how I own the copyright of  the image. If you compare Bhrama
gupta's genes and mine they are very similar, hence I am related to him. He
invented zero and these photographs use them without paying me a dime,
hence I can sue them back if they can sue me ;-)

And if you want to know how these girls proposed to me, go and ask
questions in their fan page. :-))

This group is really funny. Any way added some correction to Regular
Expressions chapter ad this book is available in http://is.gd/r2012 with

And ya, if some one want to rip my name and put up theirs and sell this,
they are perfectly welcome. This book is released under GFDL. So please
share it and modify it as you wish.

Nothing is constant



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