[Ilugc] Foss based solutions providing Organizations in TamilNadu

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+++ Karthikeyan A.K [2012-08-30 10:41:08]:

> Common, I don't understand this. If some one wants to be with foss, why he
> must do everything in a difficult way. If things are made easy they are
> termed childish.

No one is asking you to write validated HTML + CSS  + JS to add an entry.
Editing a wiki is trival and there a millions non-foss/non-techie people that
edit wikipedia without any problems.

> These FOSS people make things difficult and blame the world not adapting to
> it. Common!!!!

This is a purely commercial listing and if you don't care to be listed there
it's your loss. FOSS will survive just fine without you/ your company being
listed there.

Have you ever tried to get an ad printed in a newspaper/magazine or shown on
TV? They have very specific requirements about the format in which
submissions should be made. Why should this be any different?

The OP is spending valuable time building this resource for the community at
large,(isn't charging anything for his effort and neither is he getting a cut
out of any business that is generated from the directory). So the only thing
he should be concerned about is making his work easier.

> There is a reason why all have a telephone with them rather than a
> telegraphic machine. What next? Post to this form using binary ASCII codes?
> :-))

What next? You'll complain about how your listing isn't generating any leads?
That your business isn't earning millions of dollars and it's all the OP's


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