[Ilugc] Mail Server error in ubuntu 11.10

Marikkannan Rajagopal mail2marikkannan at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 10:54:53 IST 2012

I configure the postfix+dovecot+roundcube in ubuntu 11.10.And i mention the
"smtp and imap default host name as "localhost" then i tested one sample
mail send to gmail.com,it was send and working fine but it shows
"test1 at localhost" .

After that i registered one separate hostname for this server as "
bloomingfeld.be" for testing purpose.I changed my hostname of the server as
"bloomingfeld.be" and i also changed the default hostname in roundcube
"main_ini.php" file as "bloomingfeld.be".

Now the mail address are shown as "test1 at bloomingfeld.be" that is ok .But
it will generate the error while sending messages as like "smtp error
554:failed to add recipiant-->Relay access denied".

   What type of changes i want to make the entire system working
fine.thanks in advance....

Linux System Administrator

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