[Ilugc] Mail Server error in ubuntu 11.10

Balachandran Sivakumar benignbala at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 11:03:21 IST 2012


On Mon, Jul 2, 2012 at 10:54 AM, Marikkannan Rajagopal
<mail2marikkannan at gmail.com> wrote:
> Now the mail address are shown as "test1 at bloomingfeld.be" that is ok .But
> it will generate the error while sending messages as like "smtp error
> 554:failed to add recipiant-->Relay access denied".

       When do you get this error ? Have you enabled any auth
mechanism on your server ? Also, when you send mails over telnet, what
happens ? Can you please run tshark for just smtp and paste the
results here ?(Just do tshark -f'tcp port 25' -i any and paste the
results). If the tshark output is huge, use something like paste bin
and share the link here. Thanks

Thank you
Balachandran Sivakumar

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