[Ilugc] why it is important to promote linux

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Mon Jul 2 14:46:55 IST 2012

> Similarly hardware companies that ship machines with linux are persuaded
> to use terms like 'we ship with ubuntu' or 'we ship with android' rather
> than say 'we ship with linux'.
> I will not go into how the distros that disown Linux also fail to
> contribute back to the community ... this is too well known.
> So let us promote - and encourage others to promote - Linux (or, if you
> so desire GNU/Linux.

In my opinion, fragmenting the Linux brand as Ubuntu or Android or other 
brands is a good thing. For long, one person has embezzled the credit 
for the work of the entire community.

GNU has contributed the most to the base system. But it should be 
mentioned that, the most commonly used softwares such as email clients, 
web browsers, web servers, multimedia editing/viewing, gaming, GUI shell 
(kde) and so on are contributed by a vast and diverse section of the 

Even though, I support RMS on GNU/Linux name, to fully represent the end 
product, the name should be totally random or a representation of the 
community as a whole.

I would say promote Linux as a product but not as a brand.


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