[Ilugc] why it is important to promote linux

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Mon Jul 2 18:35:12 IST 2012

> The context in this post is the huge financial and propaganda effort
> being put in by Microsoft to prevent the spread of linux (or call it
> open source or foss) - it is not the ongoing quarrel between various
> people on the assignment of credit for creating parts of the open source
> software ecosystem. If you want to have a thread on that subject feel
> free to start your own.

I apologize for trying to take the thread in a different direction, It 
was not intentional. When I read your interesting opinion on 
Ubuntu/Android and how Microsoft might have had a hand in them not using 
the term "Linux", the first thing that popped into my head was "Its a 
good thing" (debatable, of course). And, I misread the subject of the 
email as "why it is important to promote linux (brand)".

Microsoft's efforts to prevent the spread of Linux has died down a bit 
in the last few years. Even Microsoft Azure cloud service now offers 
GNU/Linux as a choice of virtual machine,


I am sure many of us have tried to promote GNU/Linux through word of 
mouth but that works only to a certain extent.

>> I would say promote Linux as a product but not as a brand.
> whatever this means

What that means is, the word "Linux" is not important. Promote the 
features, softwares, and the freedom that GNU/Linux offers.


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