[Ilugc] best practices for backup and restore on upgrading

kenneth gonsalves lawgon at thenilgiris.com
Tue Jul 3 18:19:49 IST 2012


upgrading a distro is usually (for me anyway) a huge PITA. Normally one
just inserts the new dvd and clicks on upgrade. Most distros are fairly
sane nowadays, so the process is smooth. But at times it is necessary to
delete everything and do a fresh install. This means backing up data and
restoring it - restoring some configuration stuff while not restoring
others. What I do is:

1. sensitive passwords - in my memory (not on any other device)
2. firefox settings and pass words - use firefox sync
3. non sensitive passwords - save in a text file on my backup device
4. code, docs etc - mostly under version control - what is not under
version control is in specific directories that are manually backed up
5. nginx, apache and other config files - under version control.
6. evolution - use evolution backup and restore.

inspite of all this, I invariably lose data - any other tips?

Kenneth Gonsalves

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