[Ilugc] issues with top and bottom posting

Shrinivasan T tshrinivasan at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 21:23:38 IST 2012

> For example, in the conversation on promoting Linux, Niam Infotech top
> posted a reply on top of Jobin's top post which was on top of
> Kenneth's email, saying "Thanks a ton for taking this initiative.
> Appreciated." There is no way to tell for sure whom the poster was
> appreciating, unless he mentions it. The same applies for criticism as
> well.

 So, we have to request the top posters to add "Mention" for whom they
write. :-)

>Also removing all the context from a reply and posting the reply
> alone is also considered top posting by many people. There is no way
> to absolutely ascertain the target of the reply. It might be possible
> to apply common sense and context to find out, but that might not be
> possible always.

The new comers scare to mail to our list on the fear of
top/bottom/middle post threats.
So, some of them remove all the content and type their replies.

> And while I agree that we're past the era of bandwidth issues (just my
> personal opinion), why should we repeatedly archive the context in
> every single mail though the mailing list already does that? We're
> wasting hard disk space in addition to making the reading of emails
> from the list difficult.

The gmail tricks the reader by hiding all the quoted text.
We can see that all the top/bottom posts wont give any trouble for the
gmail users.

Who uses other email systems and email clients link mutt, emacs,
thunderbird suffer from top/bottom posts.


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