[Ilugc] Power button option missing

0 0 at 0throot.com
Tue Jul 3 22:14:29 IST 2012

>>> I installed gnome panel in my Ubuntu 12.04 to customize the desktop
>>> appearance. After few days I can’t able to see the power button, date and
>>> network connection gui in the panel.
>>> In the login screen, If I change the option from Gnome-GUI to unity it
>>> restores to default GUI screen of Ubuntu.
>>> I googled this error and getting solution like right click the panel and
>>> add the Indicator menu option. But in my pc if I right click the panel
>>> nothing happens.
>> This is probably a stupid suggestion. But, nevertheless, Did you try Alt
>> +<right-click>  ? I read somewhere about using Alt +<right-click>  for
>> Gnome-3, or was it Ctrl +<right-click>  ? Anyways, try one of them, it
>> may work.
> Thanks for the info. The key worked for me is Alt+Super(Window
> key)+Rightclick.

Ah ok. Thanks for posting the correct key combination.


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