[Ilugc] Meeting Notes - June 2012 Meet

Shrinivasan T tshrinivasan at gmail.com
Wed Jul 4 11:57:04 IST 2012

We had our June 2012 meeting on  June 9.

Bala discussed about how we can control the internet traffic in a
network using squid proxy.
He demonstrated using the virtual boxed network on his laptop.

Amachu narrated on how he came to the business using Free Software.
He explained the issues he faced and how the business overcomes them.

He said that there are tons of business opportunities in the free
software world.
He called for people who can work with him on Drupal, OpenERP and
RedHat Linux Server.

Then, we had a discussion on how to conduct a public event for free software.
We got the following suggestions.

1. Go to Rich Street and discuss with the hardware vendors to host a
event for them
2. Distribute pamphlet to public describing the advantages of free softwares

3. Conduct coding competitions for students
4. Start Compass ambassadors for free software in each college and
start events through them.

Baskar, Linuxpert.in distributed Linux For You magazine for all
participants for free.

Here are some snaps.

Thanks for all 18 participants and speakers.

Let us plan for the action items and execute them.


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